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  Miwon Commercial Co., Ltd.
  • Miwon Commercial Co., Ltd. is a chemical manufacturing company with a long history since its establishment in 1959. It started with the manufacturing of basic chemicals which included sulfuric acid and sulfur powders. Through continued investment in R & D, Miwon has developed and commercialized many high value-added fine chemical products. These include surfactants, photosensitizers, UV stabilizers and anti-oxidants among others. After paving its own way into the chemical industry for more than a half century, Miwon Commercial is currently broadening its scope and positioning its activities in the global market as a premier fine chemical company.

  • Location - Anyang Office, Ansan (Banwol) Research Center, Jeonju 1 Plant, Jeonju 2 Plant

  Miwon Chemicals Co., Ltd.
  • In January, 2011 ,the Performance Chemical Business Unit split from Miwon Commercial Co, Ltd and became Miwon Chemicals Ltd. Miwon Chemicals manufactures and supplies sulfurs and sulfuric acid which are used as basic chemicals and sulphonic acid which is used as a raw material for detergent. This business has been the driving force behind the grovvth of Miwon Commercial and has continued to grow by buildng additional facilities.

  • Location - Anyang Office, Ulsan Plant, Tancheon Plant

  Dongnam Chemical Co., Ltd.
  • In September, 2012, Dongnam Chemical Co., Ltd. became an affiliated company of Miwon Commercial Co., Ltd. Dongnam Chemicals Co., Ltd. manufactures and supplies products of the nonionic, anlonic and cationic surfactants.

  • Location - Bupyeong Office and Plant, Daegu Office, Busan Branch, Daesan Plant, Tancheon Plant

  Taekwang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
  • In July, 1993, Taekwang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. became an affiliated company of Miwon Commercial Co., Ltd. Corebond TM of Taekwang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is the No. 1 leading supplier of cobalt adhesion promoters and is well known by all the global tire manufactures in the world.

  • Location - Shiheung Office, Gunsan Plant, Shihwa Plant
20 Poeun-daero 59 beon-gil, Suji-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, 16864, Korea
TEL : +82-31-479-9140 FAX : +82-31-471-4334
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